Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Kerkhoff would consider/be interested in my particular project?

A glance at our About us page will show the extensive range of our past projects. However, at this time our focus is on mid-sized development such as low-rise and high-rise apartments, townhouses, mixed use or commercial complexes, and resort developments.

We also specialize in non-commercial projects such as places of worship and educational and health facilities.

When should I approach Kerkhoff about my project?

Experience has shown that the earlier we get involved, the better the outcome; so our preference is to work with you from the early conceptual stages. We can work with your own team, or assist you in bringing together an appropriate and highly effective team of architects, engineers and other consultants. The right team is an important factor in keeping any project on schedule and within budget.

Do you become involved with the financing?

Kerkhoff can certainly assist in arranging both equity and debt financing. This is one of the benefits of our “Teaming Up” expertise; we are often able to match those who have good development opportunity or property with those who have equity financing available.

Why should I “team up” with Kerkhoff?

With 50 years of successful background and experience, Kerkhoff can quickly evaluate a project to determine if it makes sense or not. Supported by an invaluable wealth of contacts and connections developed over the years, we can provide you with timely projections and feasibility analysis. Most importantly, we offer complete flexibility in creating the correct team to ensure the best results.

Help! I’m drowning in paperwork!

Over many years, Kerkhoff has been involved with almost every city and municipality in British Columbia, as well as Canada and in many parts of the United States. We are completely familiar with the development approval process, and can guide you through the maze!

Do you work Internationally?

We certainly do! Since 1987 we have successfully undertaken projects in the USA (State of Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona) as well as in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Germany.  However, currently are preference is to focus on projects in British Columbia.

How do we get together to discuss a project?

We’re most approachable! Call us as a principal, or on behalf of a client; we assure you of complete confidentiality and an impartial analysis of the potential of the proposed project. Each project is unique, as is each individual situation. Typically, a few preliminary meetings will enable us to develop a program to provide you with the best possible results.