What Our Clients Are Saying

Kwanglim Methodist Church

Kwanglim Methodist Church in Canada

Dear Kerkhoff Construction Ltd.

On behalf of our congregation, I am taking this opportunity to show our appreciation for your excellent work building our new church. It has been a long journey with countless difficult tasks to be looked after, and we greatly appreciate that our church is finally complete with outstanding workmanship. We highly recommend your comprehensive development services as well as excellent construction workmanship, products, and services. The efficiency of execution of the project is also noteworthy. We are impressed with the high level of communication Kerkhoff Construction Ltd created and maintained with us throughout the entire construction process.

Once again, thank you for letting this happen in real!

Best Regards,

Rev. Tae Won Kim
Senior Pastor

Reference from Stan Watchorn

“My wife and I have just completed building our dream home with Kerkhoff Construction. I am pleased to provide a most positive reference for the company and in particular Leonard Kerkhoff. The final product is a very high quality home with attention to the detail that made our home everything we had hoped it would be. Leonard was very good at matching our requirements to the realities of construction timelines and was able to deliver the home on time and in budget. The sub-trades were coordinated effectively and costs were reasonable and fair, there were no surprises. I would re-hire Leonard and Kerkhoff Construction if I was to build another home.”

Stan Watchorn, Harrison Highlands, January, 2011.

Reference Lubor Trubka Associates Architects

It gives me great pleasure to provide this reference for William (Bill) Kerkhoff. I became professionally acquainted with Bill in 1995, and during the last 10 years, we have worked together on a number of large-scale comprehensive developments in different countries throughout Asia and Europe, as well as California. We have also been involved in a number of projects in the Lower Mainland. His ability to focus on key issues of project delivery is unparalleled, and supported by his technical construction expertise, makes him the ideal candidate for Project and Construction Manager on projects of any size with great complexities.

Dealing with complex issues under stress of time schedules and project budget constraints, offers plenty of opportunities to expose any weak points, of which I have found none, but also reveals personal character. I have learned to trust Bill as an honest man with great integrity, and I consider myself fortunate to have met and worked with him.

Yours truly,

Lubor Trubka, MAIBC, MRAIC
Lubor Trubka Associates Architects

References from The Maples, Squamish BC

Jeremy & Krista Seamans (Lot 2, The Maples)

When we decided to have a house built, we were warned by our friends to expect lengthy delays, hassles and headaches. I can honestly say we experienced none of that with Kerkhoff. The whole process was smooth and stress free. The house itself definitely exceeded our expectations. It is beautiful and the build quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. But what actually impressed us most was the open, honest and flexible approach they took throughout the build process. We asked for multiple changes and modifications and they never gave us a hassle or a hard time. In fact in spite of all our changes they actually manage to finish the house about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. So thanks guys for a great house and being so reasonable and fair to deal with!

Sean & Jessica Soper (Lot 13, The Maples)

When we started looking for a home to buy in Squamish, we looked at a number of different houses and nothing really compared to the home that Kerkhoff Construction built. The quality craftsmanship and great value were a step above anything else we could find. The house is really well-designed, very spacious, and thoughtfully laid out for comfort and convenience. It is clear that they thought everything through very carefully, Also, they chose only quality building materials and finishing products. From the roofing and siding, to the counters and flooring, to the plumbing and light fixtures, everything is of excellent quality and looks great. What has also really impressed us is the customer service Kerkhoff provided throughout the process, and how they've continued to be so good to us since we bought the home. They've been exceptionally responsive, courteous, and generous from day one. They really do run a classy operation. We love our new home, and feel very comfortable knowing that it was built by Kerkhoff, and that we'll be well looked after.

Norm & Patricia King (Lot 10, The Maples)

Have you ever built a home and had it be a wonderful experience from start to finish?

That was our experience!!! Wow, what can we say, to work with the Kerkhoff's was such as blessing as we built our home. Our first meeting with Pieter and Leonard was rewarding, as they listened attentively to our request and found ways to make them work. All through construction of our home the site was kept clean and orderly. Workmen were very respectful of how they spoke and trades used and showed great professionalism. The deadline of December 15 was given as a tentative move in date, and we were in at the end of October. The quality to detail and the wants of the homeowner were always present with Kerkhoff's. Pieter and Leonard were always making sure we were happy and communicated wonderfully with us. I would recommend Kerkhoff Construction to build your dream home, it will be an experience that is fantastic.

Reference Focus Architecture

It has been our privilege to work under the direction of Bill Kerkhoff who acted as project manager for two recent projects involving our firm. We appreciated Mr. Kerkhoff’s leadership in all areas of project design and execution.

Bill’s broad experience brings needed insight to each project. His key historic connections with subtrades and suppliers brings further value in the bidding process. His keen sense of detail and cost effectiveness has been beneficial to our firm and to our clients in assisting us to remain on budget. Bill approaches each project with an incisive mind and a firm control on all pertinent aspects of the work. His presence is a comfort as is his ability to make key decisions in a logical, thoughtful, but timely, manner.

We look forward to continuing our valued relationship with Bill Kerkhoff and can recommend his services to anyone in need of professional project management services.


Carson G A Noftle

Reference Craven/Hustom/Powers Architects

Notice of Accomplishment

Craven / Huston / Powers Architects has recently completed work on a number of projects with Mr. Bill Kerkhoff, notably:

Harrison Highlands Development: Comprehensive development including commercial, retail, multi-family, and single family dwellings.

Reformed Congregation in North America: New sanctuary addition and renovation of existing church into multi-purpose areas.

As architects for these projects, we are pleased and impressed with Bill's organizational abilities and work ethic in project management. Mr. Kerkhoff's proactive approach to construction and his respect for both design and budget ensure Mr. Kerhoff is well respected in the industry.

We are pleased to acknowledge Bill's abilities and highly recommend Mr. Kerkhoff.


Ryan Huston, MAIBC
Craven / Huston / Powers Architects

Reference from Squila First Nation

Dear Kerkhoff Construction,

On behalf of Squiala First Nation, I would like to acknowledge your team for the outstanding job you have done in bringing our community centre to completion. The experience of building can be challenging and it was great to work with a company that maintains a high level of quality control and also shows great organizational skill. The entire build was a positive experience and it was great working with Wim, Pieter and Leonard to help us build a long awaited dream in our community. Wim and Pieter conducted themselves in a professional manner from start to finish and were there to answer any questions on any given day. For anyone looking to build in the near future, I would highly recommend Kerkhoff Construction for the job. Thanks again.


Chief David Jimmie
Squiala First Nation


Dear Sir/Madam:

Regarding the quality of the Latis Apartment built by Kerkhoff Construction, that I took ownership of on September 26, 2014, I think I have received great value for my money. I love my apartment and am so glad I found and purchased it. I do appreciate my apartment, and recommend Kerkhoff Construction to other prospective buyers.


Karen Barbour
Latis Purchaser