What we do

Development / Construction Management and General Contracting

For nearly 50 years Kerkhoff has specialized in real estate development, project management and construction. You can find more information about these areas in the sub menu on the left. If you would like to learn more about the projects we have done so far, please visit our Showcase of Projects.

Real Estate Development

“An Eye to the Future”

The ability to identify areas of opportunity not yet recognized by others is part of the “art” of Real Estate Development. This kind of forward-thinking has kept Kerkhoff a key player in the BC development industry.

Services that Kerkhoff Construction provide:

  • Search out viable single or multiple residential development, and commercial projects.
  • Assist clients with development planning, budgeting, and scheduling.
  • Work with your team of consultants, or assemble a team for you.
  • Prepare project viability analysis.
  • Establish marketing programs.
  • Undertake construction on either Project management basis, or fixed price contracts.


Development and Project Management

“An eye to the TIME-LINE”

Project Management is a delicate balance between the finite characteristics of a specific project and the fluctuating processes of functional work required to produce the final objective. This entails a thorough knowledge of required activities; an understanding of the implications of these activities; and the ability to decide between various alternatives.

In practice, the management of these two systems is often quite different; through many years of successful business growth, Kerkhoff has developed a comprehensive technique that combines distinct technical skills and the management philosophy necessary to achieve the best business results.

Kerkhoff Construction will:

  • Search out viable development projects.
  • Provide project management for development partners.
  • prepare cost analyses and project feasibility studies
  • Manage approval processes.
  • Coordinate project designs with our consultants, or with clients.
  • Provide project construction.



“An eye to the BOTTOM LINE”

Time is money

Kerkhoff Construction Management ensures you have the control you need over the critical aspects of construction – time, budget and quality. Whether you are building for the first time or expanding existing facilities, working with Kerkhoff provides clients with single-contact accountability for all aspects of construction. Every contract is custom tailored to cover specific construction elements, including the pre-construction or design phase.

Involvement in the pre-construction phase is valuable even if the project goes to bid as a traditional lump sum contract. Early input by a knowledgeable and experienced builder, can generate significant cost savings, reduce the number of changes during construction, FAST TRACK the schedule and improve working relationships among all members of the project team.

Kerkhoff Construction provides SINGLE POINT management:

  • Single-contact accountability between all team stakeholders.
  • More effective integration with Architect/Engineers.
  • Enhanced opportunity to FAST TRACK the project.
  • Complete and integrated project plans
  • Enhanced bidding process
  • Early identification/correction of potential cost overruns
  • Cost certainty through Fixed-Price Contracts