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Kelowna, BC

Kerkhoff is acting as the Development and General Contractor for a 4 storey residential wood frame rental condominium. This apartment building with 59 rental has over 2 levels above grade parkade with extensive outdoor fully landscaped patio areas on levels 2 & 3.

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2019-11-22 – Site ground work is in progress

2019-12-15  – Off Site utility works are well underway with the road and boulevard improvements schedule for the summer of 2020

2010-11-01 –  On site utilities are complete with permanent power expected in the next several weeks

2019-11-01 –  Concrete foundation work is underway with 70% of the two level parkade now complete and the entire foundation work expected to be completed early May 2020

2020-03-15 –  Wood Framing of the main floor townhouse’s is underway with the upper condo levels expected to begin in May 2020

2020-04-03 – Forming and framing is underway

2020-06-01 – Wood framing of the main floor townhouse’s and upper condo level 4 complete and level 5 walls starting. Road & boulevard improvements scheduled for summer

2020-07-01 – Roofing will be starting this month

2020-08-01 – Concrete foundation at 99% complete with 4th level concrete floor topping complete.  HVAC & electrical finishing and interior insulation to begin

2020-09-21 Off Site utility works are complete providing permanent power, water, sewer and natural gas to the building with the road and boulevard improvements schedule for the fall of 2020

2020-09-21 Concrete foundation work, concrete wall grinding and sacking 100% in preparation for exterior painting

2020-09-21 Siding installation underway

2020-09-21 Townhouse’s drywalled and into taping

2020-09-21 Condo units plumbing, HVAC and Electrical rough in are at 95% complete

2020-09-21 All Concrete Floor topping has been placed on the upper floors

2020-09-21 Exterior Door and Window installation is 100% complete

2020-09-21 Wood Framing is 100% complete with roofing at 90% complete.  Building is 100% water tight

2020-09-21 Townhouse and Condo show suites completion expected for early November 2020

2020-11-01 – Town home show suite ready and registrations for rental opportunities available through the website.  Building exterior door and window installations complete, and HVAC, plumbing and electrical rough-ins finalizing.

2020-12-01 – Site utility works complete providing permanent power, water, sewer and natural gas to the building. Level 3 cabinet and finish carpentry, level 4 prime painting, level 5 drywall taping, level 6 drywall installation.

2021-01-01 – cabinet install and finish carpentry complete on level 3 with final paint on goin, level 4 into paint priming, level 5 drywall is complete, level 6 into taping.  New Jr 2 bedroom show suite staging complete with Matterport video and pictures scheduled.

2021-01-27  – Off Site road and boulevard improvements underway on Coronation Ave

2021-01-27  – On grade exterior sidewalks at 100% complete with Level 1 parkade concrete apron installed

2021-01-27  – Coronation traffic let down underway with completion next week

2021-01-27  – Exterior painting and Storefront glazing 100%

2021-01-27  – Exterior Roofing/Waterproofing at 98%

2021-01-27  – Siding installation at 85% complete

2021-01-27  – Townhouse lockup completion early February 2021

2021-10-27  – Condo units plumbing, HVAC and Electrical finishes are at 50% complete

2021-01-27  – Level 3 final paint, flooring, Cabinets and Countertops complete

2021-01-27  – Level 4 paint door’s and trims, Cabinets and Countertops complete. Final Paint next week

2021-01-27  – Level 5 prime paint complete with Door’s and Trim paint prep start this week

2021-01-27  – Level 6 prime paint to finish end of this week

2021-01-27  – Exterior balcony railings at 35% installed

2021-01-27  – Condo show suite turned over mid January 2021

2021-01-27  – Common area finishing at 70% complete.  Level 3 & 4 corridor with permanent light fixtures

2021-01-27  – Fire Alarm VI booked for Feb 15,21

2021-12-27  – All Elevator lobby finishes underway with final inspection booked for Feb 23,21